Therefore The matter is that someone from us up to the depth of soul endures care of the child the son, the daughter, the pupil, the pupil and therefore opens in itself access to certain Universal or, as a last resort, planetary Wisdom of education.

Someone will be a little anxious with education even own child, and it is more something another.

Therefore he a little that will understand in wisdom of education.

To what group of people it is possible to carry Dmitry Morozov?

Transferring the manuscript of the book, he as if apologized: I am not a teacher, he spoke to me.

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But only

But only Moisten a finger, and try taste of contents of these capsules.

But only the trifle as these words are full of energy.

You felt the fortress and sharpness of this substance?

You paid attention to that, how many in them forces?

This substance is the word Ya.

It is one of names of God.

It is the most powerful word which we can think or tell.

When we speak I, we put a powerful charge of creative energy in any our thought.

Saying the word Ya with big feeling, we feel how the Universe echoes us in reply.

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In reply

In reply I answered that is a little uncomfortable, but in general it is possible to live.

Still complained that still there is no milk.

In reply Olesya Viktorovna told the most amusing case from the medical practice.

There is she as that along a corridor of postnatal office and sees the girl speaking by phone.

Well, there is no milk at me, conversation scraps reached Olesya Viktorovna.

And as you do not understand: there are meat cows, and there are dairy.

And so I MEAT!

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I feel

I feel And here to his elder brother Petya it happened on other.

He did not want to study at our school, did not like to strain.

Therefore, went to school, then to army.

I mentally said goodbye to it as suddenly the letter came from army I cannot live without Kitezh, here nobody wants to develop, speak about something except a grub and vodka.

I feel sorry for these people.

They are afraid of life, are afraid of the future and do not think of it.

And I have you ….

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Sometimes To understand what of functions are broken and what no, so, and to develop the plan of treatment, happens extremely not easy.

All should solve this problem together for what partner relationship between you, parents, and us, experts is necessary.

Sometimes the number of experts who are engaged with the child doctors, psychologists, physical therapists, teachers, social workers, causes bewilderment in parents.

Understand, all of them studied and gathered only with one purpose to help you and your child.

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